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Frank and Louie: This cat has two faces!

Photo: Screenshot / Telegram Video

Double pleasure

Their names are Frank and Louie. And they share a body. Unbelievable but true: This cat actually has two faces!

After her birth, Frank and Louie were to be euthanized. The cat has two faces . Doctor and owner did not believe in a happy life of the hangover. Fortunately, Marty Stevens took on the unusual animal and has been lovingly caring for Frank and Louie ever since.

The malformation is called Diprosus and occurs in animals of all kinds. The anomaly occurs when too large amounts of the protein Sonic Hedgehog are present in the body. The protein is responsible for the development of facial features, including its width. The higher the protein content, the broader the facial to the doubling of the facial features in particularly high occurrence of Sonic Hedgehog.

Cats with Diprosus are named after the Roman god Janus, who has two faces. Janus cats are extremely rare. Since the congenital anomaly is often associated with organ damage, only a few animals reach old age.

Frank and Louie are a true rarity! The cat does not fare badly, as his age alone proves. His owner cares lovingly for the special animal. With over 12 years, the cat is the oldest cat of its kind and even enters the Guinness Book of Records!