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Questions to family doctor Dr. med. Petra Bracht

Everything about naturopathy and conventional medicine

The general practitioner and Naturopath has a private practice in Bad Homburg. Here she will advise you.


I have been vegetarian for a year now. Unfortunately, I have often caught cold since then. Can there be a connection? Gabi K. (43), Freiburg

    Reply from Dr. Bracht : A vegetarian diet is basically a very healthy diet. However, the prerequisite is that the choice of food is varied and the quality of the products is high. Unfortunately, some vegetarians feed rather unilaterally, so that a lack of vital nutrients is then not rare. The most common dangers are a lack of the important vitamin B12 and the trace element zinc. And that leads to energylessness and susceptibility to infections. Often you will not be able to cover this deficiency alone by changing the diet, but only by the additional intake of vital substances. Nevertheless, vegetarians may find that there are some food sources that contain these important micronutrients. Zinc is contained in rye and wheat wholegrain germs, brewer's yeast, sunflower seeds, soybeans and whole grain cereals. And a good source of vitamin B12 for vegetarians who avoid meat, eggs and milk is, for example, sauerkraut. But with sesame and sea buckthorn fruits, health-conscious vegetarians can meet their daily needs for vitamin B12. Ideal is a combination of both: The so-called flexitarians sometimes eat vegetarian, but also eat quite sometimes meat.


      My husband (65) has recently been operated on the prostate. Since then he suffers from bladder weakness. Do you have a tip for me, what you can do about it? Hertha W. (61), Kehl

        Reply from Dr. Bracht : Your husband has to give himself a little time so that he can recover from the concomitants of this operation. If he is just a bladder weakness and he can control his urinary urgency partially, he should follow some tips so that he soon has full control over his bladder function: Regular drinking throughout the day is extremely important for the Bladder musculature is trained. Also, you should not immediately indulge in urination and go straight to the toilet, but train the muscle that is responsible for the function of the bladder, specifically. To do this, sit down and wait until the feeling of having to let water stops again. If the urge is over, you can go to the restroom quietly. If your husband is overweight, then it is worth it to lose weight. Too many kilos damage the pelvic floor. Your husband's feet and kidney area should be kept warm. Pumpkin seeds (chewing a handful daily) help to strengthen the bladder and pelvic muscles.


        What does the cashier pay? When am I entitled to compensation? Good, if you know his right


          Shortly before a trip my husband's pacemaker had to be replaced: the battery was dead. Does the insurance have to pay the cancellation fees? Regina G., Lubeck

            The consequences of a cancellation are insured only in the event of an unexpected onset of illness. However, replacing a battery for a pacemaker is a predictable event. The insurance does not have to pay the costs. (Az .: 242 C 37052/05)


              After a cardiac catheterization, I had complications in my arm. I was not aware of this risk. Do I have a right to compensation? Monika W., Mainz

                The education before an operation is carried out by the doctor on the basis of a reconnaissance sheet. With his signature, the patient declares that he has been informed of the risks of surgery and gives his consent to the procedure. The doctor is not obliged to inform about other risks without being asked. (OLG Koblenz, Az .: 5 U 1630/07)


                  My husband had an accident during a driver's training. Does the liability insurance have to pay? Tina N., Cologne

                    The car liability must in principle also jump in accidents during a driving training. Only car races are excluded from liability. At events, which is concerned with the improvement of driving skills, one is insured. (OLG Karlsruhe, Az .: 10 U 36/08)

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