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For the Slenderman: girls wanted to murder girlfriend

Now the girls stand trial for attempted murder.
Photo: Screenshot Mail Online

They wanted to murder their girlfriend for Slenderman

Two 13-year-old girls are in court for deliberate murder. They wanted to kill their girlfriend - to please the Slenderman.

While other girls play with dolls, start the first shopping trips and are fascinated by fashion, stars and starlets, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier already had other things in mind. Although they also played with Barbies. However, they only used them to plan the murder of their mutual friend.

Today, a year later, the now 13-year-olds of the attempted, intentional murder are charged. They are treated according to adult rights. In 2014, Morgan and Anissa held a slumber party with their girlfriend Payton Leutner. This ended for the latter with 19 stab wounds. The girls lured Payton into the bushes, where they attacked her with a knife and tried to kill. But the girl was lucky in misfortune: Payton survives.

After the attack, the girls told the investigators that they would like the Slenderman. This is a fictional person from the Internet, who appears in computer games as a thin, mimicless horror figure, which scares people in the forest and hunts. The murder of her girlfriend should make the Slenderman, according to the girls.

Previously, police had found the 12-year-olds in the thicket. According to her statements, her plan was to run over 400 kilometers into the forest to live as a servant of Slenderman in his home. Disturbing drawings were found in her private belongings. The girls had already planned the murder of their girlfriend for a long time, notes were made and a doll was redesigned as a victim.

Posted by Morgan Geyser on Saturday, June 14, 2014
Posted by Support Anissa Weier on Thursday, May 28, 2015

At the time of the attempted murder, the girls and their girlfriend were 12 years old. Children accused of intentional murder at the age of 10 are treated as adults under Wisconsin law. Should the Slenderman trial also be negotiated under adult rights, the girls face up to 56 years imprisonment. By contrast, the law on juveniles would provide for a kind of rehabilitation instead of punishment.

Judge Michael Bohren is now clearly in favor of a negotiation under adult rights. He fears that the defendants would otherwise be released at age 18 without supervision and further mental treatment in society. That would be a danger to humanity.