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Photo project: That's how Mothers really are after birth

It should be the best time of her life and yet she is deeply depressed

This is what a woman really looks like after birth
Photo: Instagram / postpartum confession

: A mother is expected to feel nothing but happiness after birth, but many women feel very different. Fears and sadness dominate her life. Much too seldom do mothers dare to talk about their negative feelings after giving birth.

A mother from the USA has now published a really honest photo of herself. She holds her child, but she does not shine all over her face, but looks rather tormented.

Her feelings when the photo was taken are as follows for Danielle Haines: "I was so busy that day, total chaos, I love my baby, but I missed my husband so much because it was the first day he was back in Office went. " Wow, what sincere words ... For Haines, it was important not to be ashamed anymore.

The insomnia, the sore nipples and the thought that evil is done to children all over the world: just way too much for the young mother. "I felt like I was losing my mind, " she says.

Supported by friends and family, Danielle overcame her depression. The photo that her sister Sarah shot was never supposed to be public. But then she thought to herself: why not? And posted the picture on Facebook to encourage mothers in a similar situation. "I'm glad I did it, " says the young mother today.

The result is a wonderful project. "Postpartum Confession" shows mothers how they really are. Not cheesy with happy babies, but finished, tired and with doubts. We think that's great!

Click here for the Instagram account of "Postpartum Confession".

A photo posted by @postpartumconfession on 16 Sep 2015 at 19:12

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