Recommended, 2022

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Corridor with decoupage paper

  • commode
  • Paint color in white (eg

      2-in-1 varnish from Alpina; hardware store)
    • Brush and paint roller (hardware store)
    • Tape measure or ruler
    • Decoupage papers in mint and pink (eg set "Paperpatchwork Pastel"; Rico Design; craft shop)
    • Decoupage adhesive (eg from decopatch; craft shop)
    • Clearcoat (craft shop)
    • screwdriver
    • scissors
    • Ruler / tape measure
    • Bowl of water
    • Wide soft brush (craft shop)

    1. Unscrew the knobs of the chest of drawers.

    2. Paint dresser and knobs white, let them dry. Repeat if necessary.

    3. Measure the areas of the drawers, the side panels and the top.

    4. Cut the decoupage paper 1 cm smaller each.

    5. Soak decoupage paper in a bowl of water, so the paper can be glued on without creases.

    6. Coat the surfaces to be covered with decoupage glue.

    7. Place paper and remove excess water with a piece of household paper.

    8. Coat laid-up paper with adhesive, allow to dry.

    9. Coat glued surfaces with clear lacquer for better durability, allow to dry.

    10. Screw on the knobs again.