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Flight MH17: man mourns on Facebook for ex-girlfriend

Photo: Facebook / Tessa van der Sanden

They were a couple for three years

The 27-year-old Tessa was killed in the launch of flight MH17. Her ex-boyfriend Rick wrote her a touching letter via Facebook.

After the shooting down of flight MH17 over the East Ukraine information about the victims is always known. The 27-year-old Tessa from the Netherlands was on her way to Indonesia with her parents and her brother when the accident happened. On a commemorative page on Facebook, her ex-boyfriend has now posted an emotional farewell letter.

"I found you stunning from the first moment." Rick Busscher describes her first encounter. He had tried clumsy startups and fell asleep with a tingling sensation in his stomach.

"You had the ambition to make the world better. A well-paid job did not interest you, " Rick continues, alluding to Tessa's commitment to Amnesty International, using her knowledge of international law to prevent wars and protect innocent people.

"What an irony that you sat on a plane that was unlawfully shot down over war zones ." Rick's farewell letter to his ex-girlfriend was licked more than 100, 000 times within a few days.

Contributed by Rick Busscher.