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Floral craft ideas

tulips pillow

Photo: deco & style

- Cushion: 41 x 41 cm

- Motif: 10 x 25 cm


- 0.45 x 110 cm fine white linen

- 15 x 30 cm Soluvlies (water soluble embroidery ground)

- 1 strand each of Sticktwist in pink and green

- Textile color in pink and green (slightly lighter than the embroidery thread)

- 1.75 m folded diagonal stripes in pink or green

- color matching sewing thread

- pillow filling


- scissors, tailor's chalk, ruler

- waterproof thin felt-tip pen

- Embroidery needle with lace

- fine brush

- Sewing machine

1st cut: front cushion plate 42 x 42 cm two rear cushion plates 42 x 32 cm

2. Embroidering: Transfer the motif (correspondingly larger, if not of the same size) to the Soluv fleece with waterproof felt-tip pens, staple (or as desired) on the cushion plate in the middle and then re-embroider the contours (with 3-ply Sticktwist) in a stich stitch. Dissolve the Soluv fleece, then trace individual areas with textile paint. Fix the paint by ironing according to the manufacturer's instructions.

3. Stitching: Cut the two back cushion panels 1 cm wide on a 42 cm long edge with a 1 cm envelope and place the parts approx. 18 cm over each other (hotel lock) = 42 x 42 cm. Stitch front and back cushions left to left with 1 cm seam allowance. Cut back the seam allowance to 0.5 cm and cover the open edges with the colored bias strip. Insert the cushion filling.

And here's the tulip as a template for printing.