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Meat broth to go!

So healthy is a meatbread
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  1. This trendy drink replaces the green smoothies
  2. The meat broth offers us these advantages:
  3. Conclusion: We are thrilled!

This trendy drink replaces the green smoothies

Green smoothies are out! Because the many vegetables are supposedly too heavy for our body to digest and often lead to acidity and bloating. A much healthier alternative: meat broth!

Even grandma used to say, "If you're sick, you have to eat a broth." So why not every day and best to go? In New York, the "meat broth to go" is currently developing into a true trend. Every day, hundreds of people run through the streets with a paper cup full of broth. But what is so special about the broth?

The meat broth offers us these advantages:

  • Mineral rich and low in carbohydrates
    On the basis of organic cow or poultry meat, the fund in combination with fresh vegetables and spices perfectly complements our diet. The broth counteracts food cravings and thus helps to lose weight.
  • Broth as Bauty Boost
    Especially in the bones of animals are valuable ingredients such as gelatin and collagen, which support the connective tissue of the skin. The minerals contained in the broth also ensure radiant skin and shiny hair. A dull complexion can be made to glow again with the help of the high concentration of calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulfur and phosphorus.
  • Healthy for the whole body
    According to the nutritionist Tanya Zuckerbrot, "medicated barks have anti-inflammatory and healing properties thanks to the amino acid compounds they contain". The meat broth can also counter joint pain, arthritis, and autoimmune diseases, and strengthens our immune system. For flu-like infections, she creates the first remedy.
  • Alternative to the detox cure
    Since the meat broth is particularly gentle on the stomach, it can be optimally used as a detox cure. Hot drinks also stimulate sweating, which optimally supports detoxification.
  • Enjoy soul food
    After enjoying the meat broth with its full flavor, a great sense of well-being sets in, which gives our soul rest and is good for the psyche.
  • save money
    Since the main constituent of the broth is the bones (ie a waste product), the broth can be produced inexpensively on its own. After the good roast is eaten, the bones, together with the vegetables and some spices, simply return to the pot and are cooked for a few hours. A recipe for doing it yourself can be found here.

Conclusion: We are thrilled!

All in all, the meat broth is really good for us and our body. But do not expect miracles. In any case, the broth is a great alternative to overpriced detox juices and green smoothies. But you should not refrain from solid food, because you can not get enough of the little miracle soup. According to the inventor of "Broth to go, " Marco Canora, they should be considered " a good complement to a balanced diet ." Well then, good appetite!