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Knit fluffy wrapper for hot water bottle

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The big knick-special in the Tina

Perfect for cold feet in winter. The fluffy woolen cover for your hot water bottle can be knit quickly. We show you how!

What you need for the hot water bottle:

  • "Silk Wool" by SMC Select (64% new wool, 27% silk, 9% polyamide): 100 g in antique pink (Fb. 07157)
  • Needle play (or two short round needles) No. 6-7

And that's how easy it is:

Basic pattern: Smooth right = knit only right sts (M) every round (Rd)

Bundle Pattern: Knit 1 st on the right, 1 st on the left

Nubbly Rhea: Work over 21 M and 33 Rd after embroidery writing. It is drawn only every 3rd Rd. In the two intermediate rounds knit the sts as they appear, over the pimples knit the sts always to the right.

Nubbin border: Number of stitches divisible by 4. Only every 3rd round is drawn. Knit all sts in the right two sts. Knit 1 st in the 1st to 7th rounds.

Mesh sample: 17 sts and 22 sts = 10 x 10 cm

Instructions: cast on 48 sts and spread M on 4 needles (= 12 sts each)

Knit in the federal pattern. For the increases in the 2nd round, at the end of the 1st and 3rd needle increase 1 st from the cross thread on the right, increase at the beginning of the 2nd and 4th pin after the first right st from the transverse thread on the right = 52 Repeat these increases in each round 3 times, increasing the increases on the left and right work = 64 sts. Knit a total of 10 rounds in the border pattern.

Then work 10 Rd in the basic pattern.

Then work with the 11th round of the studded diamond in the front center after the knitting pattern.

Tip: Redistribute the needles on the needlelot so that there are 25 sts in the front center, 13 sts over the other 3 needles. This will make the pimple looper work better.

After completion of the dimpled diamond begin with the decreases. For this, mark the right M on both sides, between which the increases were worked at the beginning. On the next row knit this M 3M on the right side: Knit the M with the M in front as for the right knit, knit the following sts on the right and pull the two raised sts over the knitted sts = 60 sts. These declines in the 4th round Then repeat every 2nd round until there are 36 sts on the needles. Knit 2 rounds right sts. Now work 7 Rd studded trims. Then knit 8 rounds sts M, 3 rows left sts, then knit all sts to the right and bind off.


Push the hot water bottle into the envelope and close the lower edge. If necessary, sew the rolled edge on the upper edge from the left. This opening is large enough to replace the hot water bottle if necessary.

You can find the template as PDF for download here!

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