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Shred Jeans Jeans Trend: We now wear Destroyed Jeans like this

We've been wearing destroyed jeans for a while: But now the jeans are no longer worn on the knee, but on the thigh.

Now our jeans are no longer broken on the knee, but on the thigh
Photo: Getty Images

"Child, shall I tell you a patch?" We have not heard such a thing from Omi for a long time. Torn jeans do not let a grandmother moan anymore, because even those have become accustomed to the sight of broken jeans.

But now comes a new trend: The jeans is not broken at the knee - as we are used to it - but the holes slip upwards. Who wants to join in this Jean trend, whose jeans is broken on the thighs.

Especially popular: large square holes, which were even cut. This gives the jeans a special touch and makes every cool street style look competition.

On Instagram, we have already found a few trend jeans with holes on the thighs:

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