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Festive flower arrangement with lantern

Cozy and not seasonal, this beautiful candle deco
Photo: deco & style

Now it's getting cozy!

We have to copy this beautiful flower decoration immediately! Why? It consists of our two favorite ingredients, plants and candlelight.

You need this for the flower arrangement:

  • Proteen (two different varieties)
  • Flower Binding Wire in Green (Craft Shop)
  • Straw wreath 25 cm (craft shop)
  • wind light
  • secateurs
  • wire cutter

And that's how easy it is:

1. Cut the proteas into pieces about 10 cm long.

2. Combine 2-3 pieces each and wrap the tufts in a shingled pattern with binding wire around the straw wreath.

3. Periodically tie the large flowers in between until the circle is closed.

4. Place the lantern in the center of the ridge.

Props: Candle Glass: Ib Laursen; about 8 €, tray: House Doctor; about 54, €, rest: own

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