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Festive table decoration: All in fine white

Photo: deco & style

Winter magic and flower poetry

White is boring? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! Hardly anything looks as noble as a plain table decoration on silver and a touch of nostalgia.

Like a scene from Swan Lake, the all- white table appears . The fine vintage ornaments on the table linen, a little crochet lace, a lantern with frosty decor and silverware take you into a winter wonderland.

A stylish icing on the cake: the square- folded napkin, which is drawn with its closed tip through a silver ring and decorated with a decorative feather.

Plate "Coup", big about 16 €, small about 8 €: Thomas about Rosenthal. Wine glass, about 8 €, water glass, about 4 €, napkin ring, set of 4 about 16 €: ZaraHome. Cutlery "NewWave", 24 pieces, approx. 199 €, Dip bowls "NewWaveFlying", each approx. 10 €: Villeroy & Boch. Pepper and salt shaker, approx. 56 €: Jonathan Adler on Desiary. de. Windlight, about 40 €: Iittala over Connox. Small plate, about 25 €:

flowers poetry

Dare to think of the big picture, because with a lush flower arrangement on the blackboard the festive table decoration is perfect. Although it looks elaborate, it is very easy to implement: cut moss into a bowl size with a knife and let it soak in a bowl with water. Shorten the stems of roses, gypsophila, chrysanthemums, freesia, eucalyptus, asparagus and cloves and stick them close to the moss. If necessary, pre-drill the holes with a skewer.


It is served: On a tray, vinegar and oil in nostalgic glass bottles await their use with appetizer and salad. For the nice labels, print the lettering on white paper and replace it oval. Using a pair of punch pliers, make a hole on one side, thread a lace band, and tie tabs around the bottles.

As a grand finale put white porcelain figurines with hot glue on the closures.

Cones "winter forest", each about 4 €, squirrel "winter forest", about 8 €, shell, about 20 €: wheels. Serving plate, about 30 €: Villeroy & Boch. Candlesticks (window), approx. 30 €: Zwiesel crystal glass