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Feng-Fu: acupuncture for headache

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Acupuncture point between neck and skull

There is a single point in the neck that helps with headaches, sleep disorders and other discomforts. Acupuncture for increased well-being.

It actually does exist - a single point on our body that helps with a migraine, a cold and sleep disturbances. Chinese physicians have discovered the so-called Feng-Fu point, which lies between neck and skull. It's so easy to use the acupuncture point for yourself:

Place an ice cube on the so-called Feng Fu point for at least 20 minutes. Repeat this trick every two to three days - after getting up and at bedtime. And soon you will notice that you feel pain-free and feel better.

Acupuncture for increased well-being

Acupuncture helps with headaches, indigestion and sleep disorders - this is not new. What is new, however, is that there is one single point on our body that covers all these concerns at the same time. If the acupuncture point is used correctly, it has a positive effect on the following symptoms:

  • improved performance
  • better mood and greater zest for life
  • restful sleep
  • less susceptibility to headache, toothache and muscle tension
  • stronger immune system

Tablets can not cure your headache? Try it with acupuncture. And enjoy the many small positive side effects of a fung-fu treatment.

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