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End of working day! So the shutdown succeeds

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After work is over. Leave your job in the office!

Finally closing time, finish job stress! But also in your head? Shortly before closing time we should start with it: small rituals that relieve stress and give peace.

The first hour after a hard day's work, we often stare holes in the air, feeling drained. Precious leisure that is lost! So bend in time.

Shortly before closing time: pleasant routine work

The energy batteries are now almost used up anyway. Therefore, save everything that is fun and does not require too much concentration for the last hour of the workday.

Clean up the workplace

Stop unnecessary (thought) ballast! Whoever cleans up outside, at the same time arranges his interior. And makes it clear what he has done today. The next morning we start more relaxed, when we find everything clearly and immediately see what to do.

Massage ears

Grip both ears with one hand from the top and one from below and massage in all directions. So we stimulate over 400 acupressure points and promote the circulation of the entire body.

window open

In closed rooms, a lot of carbon dioxide accumulates during the day, which makes us lethargic. A fresh air shower makes you happy again. Take a deep breath for 2 minutes at the open window.

Laugh with colleagues

Laughter reduces stress and increases the exchange of oxygen in the brain. That makes you awake. Because our body emits feel-good hormones, we feel sustainably better and carry this mood into the after-work hours. Then the encounters in our private environment are usually more positive.

Momentum for the circulation

After a full day of sitting you should get moving again: be it that you quickly go up and down the stairs or carry around a few folders. So the body switches back to "action".

Calm down the thoughts after work

If you think about problems on the way home in the way home, you will find an exit: capture a sound in the environment and concentrate on it for 10 seconds until a comfortable rest occurs. Now we are ready for the best hours of the day.


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