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Color Effect: Why we should wear more black

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You like to wear black? Good for you!

A new study on the effect of colors reveals it: People think about you when you wear black, red, blue and so on. Result: We should definitely wear more black!

A British T-shirt mail order company has commissioned a survey. 1000 people were asked how you think of other people, if you should judge them by the color of their clothes. The results of the survey surprise:

While one would think that black is usually associated with death, gloom and somehow also with rejection, the study shows the opposite. People who came in black clothes were judged reliable and serious.

The color pink, on the other hand, did not look good. The study participants estimated that people who wore pink clothes were not only considered less serious, but actually less intelligent. Only five percent of respondents could imagine smart people wearing pink.

Clothes make people

Of course, one can now say that this study refers only to superficialities and opinions. But the first impression of a person is a superficial opinion and "there is never a second chance for a first impression".

There are moments in life, it all depends on a good first impression. Especially at first dates or job interviews. Both situations in which they should necessarily wear black after this study.

56 percent of respondents saw black clothing as a sign of self-confidence. 48 percent of women and 56 percent of men chose black as the color that gives them the most confidence.

Red has aroused different emotions in the sexes, according to the study results. 54 percent of women would wear red clothes on a first date because they feel more appealing. For men, only 28 percent would choose red.

The reason for this is not surprising and has already been studied more frequently: according to a study by Durham University this year, for example, women in red look more attractive (good for men, other women perceive women in red as competitors), while others Men in red on men tend to be dominant and aggressive. As people turn red when angry or upset, the color is unconsciously associated with aggression.

But red also has its downsides: women are more attractive, but people in red shirts were considered intelligent by only 12 percent of the respondents, but they were considered particularly arrogant.

Men should prefer to use blue for dates. The color was best (according to black) in women in women.

Colors that you should definitely avoid, if you want to make a good first impression, are orange and brown. Only two percent of women and eight percent of men found these colors positive.

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