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Color Trend Violet: How the color works and who it stands for

Violet stands for mysticism and magic. Anyone who wears the color seems involuntarily mysterious - but that is far from everything.

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How does Violet work?

Violet, like pink, is considered a more girlish color, with the color image less garish and naive. Rather, violet has the characteristic extravagant, soothing and balancing effect - the meditative effect of this color is therefore little wonder. In addition, violet in color psychology stands for mysticism, magic and, of course, spirituality. The nuances in violet, not least, have the beauty of inspiring, inspiring and motivating our imagination.

A photo posted by Claudia Schiffer daily -by Pam (@iloveclaudiaschiffer) on Oct 18, 2016 at 12:52 pm

Who can wear violet?

A delicate, slightly tanned complexion with light to medium brown hair: this is the type, the violet stands best. Hair, complexion and eyes result in a warm, harmonious balance without stark contrasts. Anyone who wears violet stands out in the crowd, because the color is a true statement and expresses much - a healthy self-esteem is therefore beneficial. Supermodel Claudia Schiffer shows off how Ms. violet shows self-confidently.

And so you too can bring a little bit more violet in your closet!

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