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Color trend red: how the color works and who it stands for

Red is sexy, powerful and courageous. If you wear red, you always make a statement - but of course there is far more behind the color with a signal effect.

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How does red work?

Red looks self-confidently and immediately stands out because this color is usually perceived faster than all other colors. It involuntarily triggers that we stand by and give her our attention and interest. Red embodies strength and joie de vivre, as well as energy and passion. Anyone wearing red underlines their personal preferences in a positive way and radiates more energy. And men also love red, because it increases the attractiveness of a woman. So red is actually the color of love.

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Who can wear red?

Red is in principle every woman. It only depends on the right tone, with a distinction between cool and warm nuances. Bluish reds appear cooler, while red mixed with yellow gives a warmer finish.

If you have black or dark brown hair and a light complexion, you should choose a cool, strong red for the perfect Snow White look. Always a great eye-catcher! A cool skin tone coupled with dark blond to light brown hair also tolerates a cool red - but rather in a slightly attenuated form.

Warm reds such as tomato red or even orange-red are blond women with a darker complexion quite outstanding. Red hair, freckles and warm skin tone? Then soft, earthy-golden tones like terracotta are exactly the right choice.

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