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Folding instructions for an Easter Bunny in 3D

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Easter table decoration

Thanks to this folding instructions, the Easter bunny comes in three dimensions this year and you can easily make this table decoration yourself.

That's what you need for the Easter bunny:

  • Computer, printer and paper
  • glue stick
  • Tazetta
  • myrte
  • Wire ring (from the florist)
  • green foam rubber DIN A3 (alternatively PANNÃ…Tischset from IKEA, 2.29 Euro)
  • scissors
  • secateurs
  • compasses
  • pins

Here you will find the template:

And this is how it's done:

1. Download the template, print it in DIN A4 and cut it out. Fold along the lines and brush the gray flaps with glue stick. Stick to the nearest surface from the back. Stick the ears to the head.

2. Cut flowers. Put together a few stems and attach them to the wire ring with myrtle wire. Shed flowers again and again and tie them up with wire, avoiding two spots for the rabbit's ears.

3. Use the compass to draw a circle of 20 cm radius onto the sponge rubber and cut it out. Pin wreath with pins and glue the Easter bunny in the middle.

Tip: If you like it colorful, you can also print the template on colored paper. Or to get a bigger rabbit, enlarge the template in the copy shop to DIN A3.

The instructions for download can be found here!