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Fairlife: Coca Cola makes milk now!


More calcium, less sugar

Coca-Cola makes milk now ! No ordinary milk, as it stands with us in the supermarket shelves. But a kind of super-milk - more calcium and less sugar.

Milk is healthy, provides calcium and strengthens the bones - for a long time, milk had a good image. Today she is in criticism. Not least because fewer and fewer people seem to tolerate dairy products. Coca-Cola relies on the positive qualities of milk and launches Fairlife, a lactose-free milk that uses 30% more calcium and 50% more protein, but 50% less sugar. Fairlife is "basically the premiumization of milk, " said Sandy Douglas, vice president for Coca-Cola North America.

Sales of coke, soda and other soft drinks are on the decline. Coca-Cola reacted a few years ago and launched Simply, an orange juice that is not sugared and therefore healthier than traditional juices. Also new: Coca-Cola Life - the healthy version of Coca-Cola.

But will Coca-Cola's new Supermilch Fairlife succeed? After all, Fairlife should cost twice as much as conventional milk. Fact: every second American drinks no milk, for 40 years, the sales of milk is declining. Maybe a reason why Coca-Cola is following a different trend. In the US, hardly any dairy product is offered that is not enriched with additional protein . The yoghurt market is booming.

Fairlife really healthier?

Coca-Cola invented its own filtering process for its supermilk. The milk is filtered cold, which concentrates protein and calcium and separates fat and sugar. From December, Fairlife is available in America.

Whether she sells - remains to be seen. What happens when you mix Coca-Cola with milk? Already criticism is rising. Experts do not think too much about the new lifestyle product. There is nothing wrong with conventional milk, according to Isabelle Keller from the German Nutrition Society (Deutsches Gesellschaft für Ernährung).