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Facebook Dove on Facebook: That's why it is now posted everywhere

Huh, a pigeon goes on Facebook. A new sticker set at facebook- causes a sensation.

This pigeon is currently being posted on Facebook
Photo: Istock

Apparently out of nowhere a pigeon appeared on Facebook. The GIF of this purple dove is currently flooding numerous Facebook pages. Vox, Polygon or I Fucking Love Science are also included. And as is always the case with such stickers: One post it and everyone else joins in.

Everyone loves the purple pigeons on Facebook

Who has become curious now: These stickers belong to a new sticker set on Facebook. It is called "Trash Doves" or in German: "garbage pigeons" . These stickers went viral a few weeks ago first in Thailand. The stickers were created by the artist Syd Weiler from Florida.

Pigeon holds thai flag

In Thailand, the pigeons became famous after users discovered that the pigeon is holding the Thai flag with their foot. From then on there was no stopping and the pigeon was shared everywhere in Thailand.

For all sticker sets, there are also different designs for the pigeon. Once she eats a piece of pizza, then again she sits on a roll. Funny!