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Extreme change in Barbie: For the better!

Photo: Mattel

Soon Barbie is also in thick, thin, small and big ...

This is not what Barbie looks like. In 2016, it will be in a whole new look - and we'll have a much better conscience in the future when we buy it for our children ...

How did we love to play with Barbies as children? There was Barbie, Ken, Skipper, Teresa ...

And Barbie herself was so varied. She has already practiced over 180 professions in her meanwhile 57-year-old life. She was a doctor, pilot, fitness trainer, dancer, astronaut ... she could do anything!

Only one thing Barbie could never somehow: increase!

The criticism of Barbie maker Mattel has long been great. The slender figure and the perfect face of Barbie are unrealistic, awaken in children unattainable beauty ideals ...

Many artists have therefore transformed Barbie as part of their art projects. They redesigned her without make-up, provided her with cellulite or acne, modeled her a roundish figure ... But Mattel himself always remained faithful to his old Barbie.

Until now! After a strong drop in sales, Mattel finally changes the look of Barbie for the first time in the 57-year tradition and brings it to market in four different physique variants:

(Image: Mattel)

Thin, curvy, small or big. It is indeed the first time that Mattel's official Barbie appears in various body shapes. In addition to the classic Barbie with big breasts and wasp waist, there is now a daintier Barbie, a larger Barbie and a curvier Barbie.

These four body variants are available with 14 different face shapes, 22 eye colors, 25 hairstyles and countless trendy fashions and accessories. "This continues Barbie's development, which started in 2015, when 23 dolls with new looks and hair colors and even dolls with flat shoes were introduced, " says a press release from Mattel.

"Thanks to the variety of doll bodies, looks and styles, every girl can now choose the dolls she likes the most and those around her, " says Evelyn Mazzocco, Senior Vice President and Global General Manager Barbie.

The new Barbie dolls will be available from March 2016, in Europe they are expected to cost 10 to 15 euros per doll.

In any case, a development that we approve of and that gives us a much better conscience when we buy a Barbie doll for our children . No matter what character you want.

Photo: Mattel