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Expert Yvonne Willicks in an interview

Photo: WDR / Solis TV

"My TV career was not planned."

Does Yvonne Willicks love to clean in private? And does she refer to herself as a household expert? We asked her.

Although Yvonne Willicks has been on television as an expert on household issues for ten years, this career was anything but planned. Her training as a homemaker made Yvonne Willicks after the birth of her three children first part-time. For this she attended evening classes. After successfully completing her exam, Yvonne Willicks moved into adult education and became a housekeeping instructor herself.

In the media, Yvonne Willicks is today considered the ' household expert '? But does she see herself that way? In the interview she told us:

"I do not call myself a 'budget expert' - the term is a little too short - many people think of the term 'household' just to clean it, but it's about much more, such as budgeting with money or money consumer protection, so I see myself much more as a 'consumer journalist'.

If someone like you dedicates so much attention to the topic of household work, then naturally the question inevitably arises: Do you like cleaning privately?

Also, I do not really like cleaning, but it's not a special burden for me, I'm just trying to brush as effectively as possible, so I do not have to spend too much time on it. "

Is there a housework that they do not like?

"If I had to choose one, it would be fine to put out the dishwasher, I had to kind of train myself to do that, and I just asked myself: 'How would you do the work if you were paid for it?' It also helps to know how little time it actually takes to do dirty chores, for example, by training as a home economist, I know that it does not take more than three minutes to clean the dishwasher. "

Does an expert like you need help from a domestic help?

"Before, when my three children were little, we had a home help - now that almost all children are out of the house, but not anymore."

In your opinion, what do you have to look for if you want to hire a domestic help?

"It's important to have the right standards, cleanliness can mean something for everyone, and it's important to check that the applicant is familiar with the different materials in the home, their care and cleaning."

Another tip from Yvonne Willicks for anyone considering hiring a home help:

"Of particular importance is that home-help is really employed and so well insured, as most of the accidents are proven to be in the household, and of course, the minimum pay threshold is € 8.50, which is usually 10-11 € per hour usual. "

What do you advise mothers who try to reconcile family, household and work?

A family calendar can do a great job helping to better organize your household, when it's time to take care of your household chores, but it's also important not to overstate your expectations. If sometimes things are left lying, you should see it relaxed. "

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