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Experiment stirs tears: YouTubers ask strangers for food

Photo: Screenshot / OckTV

Give and take

They ask strangers on the street for something to eat. The experiment ends with a result that causes tears! That would not have counted the creators.

The Channel OckTV is known for its funny videos. The current video of YouTuber ET and Dennis is, however, exceptionally not a funny joke. Instead, they start a social experiment that leaves the spectators amazed.

Et and Dennis are hungry but no money. What happens when you ask strangers to eat something? The creators get to the bottom of the question by doing just that. With hidden camera they are on the streets of New York on the go. Alternatingly, they ask eating passers-by whether they are giving them something.

The balance is frustrating: none of the interviewees wants to share their food, the people are all annoyed and even offensive. But who believes that the video ends here, is wrong: Because now turn the creators on the spit with a result that touches tears.

They buy a pizza and give it to a homeless person. He can hardly believe his luck and thanks him warmly. A short time later, YouTuberDennis disguises himself as a homeless man and joins him. The question he poses a short time later is the same as before, the result is a different one: when the creator asks the homeless man for a piece of pizza, he does not hesitate for a second. He shares his food with him.

The scene is in tears . Ironically, the person who has the least gives the most. But more handkerchiefs are needed because the video is not over yet. The creator thanks a donation. When the homeless man sees the bills, he is overwhelmed. The man bursts into tears. The experiment encourages us to think about how to deal with our fellow human beings. A similar video showed the same behavior some time ago - this experiment confirms again: giving can be so easy.


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