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Eva Brenner: My spring decoration ideas

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The spring awakening for your home

With fresh and happy decoration in the spring: One more month until the beginning of spring! This makes the longing for sunny and bright days get bigger.

Another month until the beginning of spring! This makes the longing for sunny and bright days get bigger. Therefore, it is now time to stow the winter decoration in boxes and to devote yourself to a bright and cheerful living atmosphere. In the spirit of spring, color, freshness and lightness are the focus of a homely decoration.

The perfect spring decoration element for a cozy ambience is glass in all possible variations and arrangements. Transparent vases, glass warmer and candlesticks take the heaviness out of the room and give the home a soft touch. A real eye-catcher for the dining or coffee table is a silver-colored tray on which a variety of mini-vases and tealights are positioned. Should it be a bit more playful, take an ornate tray with a mixture of transparent and white vases on it - for example, unused wine glasses or the old dishes from the grandmother can be converted into a decorative element.

Colored accents create a fresh and cheerful atmosphere. Pastel shades such as a beautiful mint green, a light rosé or a fresh apricot are especially popular in spring. In combination with small wooden elements, such as mini-blossoms or rattan baskets, the room gets a rural touch.

Of course, fresh flowers should not be lacking in spring. For this I always worry about my "home in happiness" construction sites (Tuesdays at 20:15, RTL II). Whether cut flowers or potted plants - colorful petals and a rich green spray positive mood. The most popular flowers in spring are tulips. As a change to a lush bouquet of flowers on the table, you can tie colorful wreaths in all conceivable sizes and combinations. They are a real highlight especially at the front door and welcome guests so "flowery".

Even flower bulbs must not be missing in the apartment and can be easily prepared as an exciting decoration accessory. In a translucent planter you can assemble them with massive gray stones, a little earth and water into a springlike arrangement. My tip: If you take narrow and tall glass containers and place the onion on a few pebbles on the bottom of the glass, a real eye-catcher is created when the entire flower is inside the glass.

A pretty window decoration can be made from a few branches, a sweet bow ribbon and any pendants. Simply collect thin twigs, cut them to the same length and tie them together to form a large branch - that's the base. For those who like it a little simpler, you can spray the small branches with white paint. As an ornament, small glass figures, pearls and flowers are attached to it with fishing line. Now just attach the ribbon to the right and left of the branch, knot the two ends together and you can attach the decoration in the window.

As a small variation, instead of the branches, a wide wooden board is also suitable. Maybe you're lucky and find a suitable piece of driftwood. At the ends of the piece of wood, two holes each are drilled on the right and left, in each of which a rope is threaded in and fastened from below with a knot. Installed in the window, the board serves as a mini-window bench with small flowerpots on it. However, so that they do not fall, you should fix the pots with glue on the board. Or you can drill larger holes into which the flower pots can be inserted.

I can hardly wait for spring to catch the first rays of sunshine of the year and enjoy the first coffee on the terrace of a cozy sidewalk café. I am looking forward!

All the best, your Eva Brenner