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Eugenie, Beatrice & Pippa: Desperately seeking a career

Princess Eugenie, Princess Beatrice and Pippa Middleton: Coming Soon to the Career Coach?
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Slowly it gets tight

As a Royal, choosing a career is usually not that difficult - unless the future king plans budget cuts. As happened in England: Prince Charles (64) wants to cut the cost of relatives radically and so must Princess Beatrice (24) and Princess Eugenie (22) not only since last year to dispense with their state-funded bodyguards, but pay future rent.

As the "Daily Express" reports, Prince Andrew (52) will probably pay the bill if his two daughters continue to sleep in the exclusive 4-bedroom apartment in London's St. James's Palace. Around 27, 000 euros should cost the fun - but: in the year. That would be a monthly rent of 2, 250 euros - not bad for such a luxurious stay.

The problem of own costs remains however. Further budget cuts will not hit the first tier of the Royals, but all who are behind it in the sound sequence. If Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie want private protection from a bodyguard in the future, they will also have to pay privately. The English certainly like to hear that. Because the apartment of Beatrice and Eugenie was only renovated in 2008 for almost 350, 000 euros - paid by the taxpayer.

Prince Charles is now getting ready for the expensive relatives and not only sweeping bonuses, but also appearances that also want to be financed. Thus Beatrice and Eugenie were not allowed to officially join the throne anniversary of the Queen this year on the balcony to public speaking waving. If you are not "officially" involved, you do not have to be paid.

The problem: Even if Princess Beatrice and Eugenie have a university degree, it is not necessarily a career at the moment. Eugenie studied English and cultural history and completed a six-week "work experience" at London's well-known auction house "Christie's".

Princess Beatrice has studied history and intellectual history. Although she is said to have signed a contract with a Kapitalbeteiligunsfirma, but prepare for this, it said. She would like to be a job in the field of fashion or fine arts.

Anyone who has followed the career of Beatrice, will know that neither Beatrice nor her sister Eugenie are known as "Fashionistas" - rather than fashion debacle. However, one must admit that both work enormously on themselves. Maybe it will be something with the dream job.

A similar problem has Pippa Middleton (29) - especially known as: sister of Duchess Kate (30). After her studies (English literature), the society girl was especially happy with friends and proved themselves in "party making".

Pippa wanted to implement this experience also professionally and then published the partyratgeber "Celebrate" ('Celebrate'). However, instead of sharing secret or special tips with her readers, Pippa Middleton was more likely to cause displeasure with all-purpose tips.

A parody on Twitter has even gone completely for their tips and gives @Pippipips nearly 35, 000 people valuable advice such as: "Remember to pack your Christmas gifts before you put them under the Christmas tree so it will be a surprise."

In other words, Pippa's book flopped. Pippa does not seem to mind. She is planning more guides and would like to publish a "how to stay fit" book next. Pippa's publisher is not quite as motivated as "getting his checkbook" out of Pippa's future outpourings, according to the Evening Standard.

Is Pippa's career as a "star writer" over? Maybe not. As you know, the Middleton family is quite enterprising. So it should not be a problem to release Pippas self-published books. But if that enough money in the cash drains? How good that Pippa also likes to shop cheap ...