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First knit, then felt Instructions: Dark gray felted shell

Felting is the perfect hobby for those who like to beautify their home with stylish home accessories. All we need is wool, needle, thread and not to forget this free guide.

The felted bowl is a useful home accessory
Photo: Deco & Style

Decoration article or utility object? This felted bowl of dark gray wool is both! The bowl is the perfect size for autumn decorations or fruit. The shell also makes something visually and the best part: Because the bowl is made by itself, this unique product is guaranteed to have no one but us.

That's what you need:

  • Lana Grossa quality "Feltro" (100% virgin wool - shrinks during washing approx. 30 -40%, LL = approx. 50m / 50g): approx. 900 g dark gray mottled (Fb. 4)
  • Knitting Needles No. 15
  • Color and dirt trays z. B. von Brauns-Heitmann

Attention: Knit everything with 3 threads.


Stitch sample: 6 M and 10 R unwashed with Nd. No. 15 and 3-fold thread = 10 x 10 cm; 9 M and 18 R washed tight with nd. No. 15 and triple thread = 10 x 10 cm.


The shell first str. and then sew together in the back center. Cast on 36 sts with 3 threads. Work garter st with shortened R as follows: R: Work 24 rounds, work, remaining 12 M remain untreated. on the Nd. 2nd R: Turn-M, 23 sts. 3. R: 33 M - including the turn-M of the pre-rew est., Turn the work, the remaining 3 M remain untreated. on the Nd. 4th R: Turning M arb. And 32 sts. Row.R: 36mm row.6.R: K1.M., 35 mm. The 1st - 6th R total 20 x str. = 120 R at the outer edge with shortened R counted. Then the 1. -6.R still 10 times wdh. = 180 rs in the 181st R cast off the Ms. Sew stop and edge off edge together with only 1 thread. Then pull in each time through the last M of the edge at the narrow end of the shell a tear-resistant thread and pull edge firmly together. Knot the thread ends and sew all threads carefully.

Wash and matt the shell

Wash at 40 ° including spin in the washing machine. It is best to use 2 cloths against discolouration from the drugstore and a few towels in similar colors with the machine, but not completely fill the machine. Then wash with liquid color detergent without energy saving, gentle or short wash program. Pull the bowl vigorously in the wet state, then stuff it with lots of crumpled paper and let it dry. Turn the edge outward at will.

The instructions for the decorative bowl can be found here for download.