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Cold MythsZehn cold myths in the check

A cold takes nine days? Maybe, but not necessarily. We have examined the most common myths around the topic of cold. Find out what's right and what's not right here.

Erkältungs Myths
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At least two to four times a year, most of us get caught. As far as the basics in terms of cold. However, we are always unsure about fundamental issues such as duration, incubation period or treatment.

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And that already starts in common usage: the terms "flu", "influenza infection" and "cold" are often confused. Although the two clinical pictures are similar in part to your symptoms such as cold, cough or fatigue. But there are differences, and you should know them.

Cold or flu?

The flu is caused by influenza viruses, while more than 200 different pathogens can be responsible for a common cold - mostly so-called corona viruses, adeno viruses or rhino viruses. That's why a flu shot does not help against colds.

We want to prevent these and other errors once and for all and have taken a close look at the most common cold-blood myths. That we know next time, as soon as we, in the family or in the circle of colleagues, the next cold sprouts up.

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