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Touching: father and daughter sing duet

Photo: YouTube / Britny Pittman

Driving is fun

On long journeys by car, a child can get upset. Not so sweet this girl! Together with her father shows the little girl her talent.

"When are we finally there?" All parents will probably hear this phrase someday. Car rides with the child can be a test of patience, because hardly a scion can sit still for several hours. Instead, it is tortured, screamed, rioted or - in the best case - slept.

But it can also be quite different: as the three-year-old Blakely proves in the video, singing is also a good remedy for boredom. Especially the title "Let it go" from the Disney movie "The Frozen" has apparently done the little ones. Loudly she sings and because it's only half as much fun on her own, her daddy agrees.

Since his vocal skills are limited, he fires at his daughter and peps up the song with a few extra deposits. This unusual duet enchants us!

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