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He can not get used to his wedding ring

Britta and Frank Elstner got married only after 25 years of wild marriage
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Frank Elstner

What does his wife say?

Twenty-five years Frank Elstner (67) was happy with his Britta (45) without a marriage certificate. Then the wedding bells rang on the 22nd of August. If a couple has been together for so long, you might think that marriage does not change anything. But the presenter and producer says: "It's different. Especially because I first had to get used to this ring and in the first few days I had to constantly search for it. "

Well, he can not get used to his wedding ring! Will he perhaps secretly not wear it? The "bet, that ..?" Inventor averts: "No, no, do not worry!" His explanation: "I do a lot of sports, and whenever I take a shower, I take off the ring. And now I've let him lie twice already. "It's good that he has not slipped the good piece into the drain ... Because then the TV star probably not only with his wife, but also with the common daughters Lena (16) and Enya (12) get in trouble.

The two girls are glad that their mum is finally called Elstner - and that their parents are wearing the same rings.

Read from here the interview with Frank Elstner unabridged:

And nothing else has changed?

Elstner: It's a different feeling. If you say after 25 years, come on, let's make it that way, that your name is exactly the same as I am, then that's a pleasure for everyone involved. My children are also happy that the mother now has the same name as herself.

Were your daughters surprised by the decision?

Elstner: No, they were just happy.

Maybe they thought, but that was about time!

Elstner: I do not know that. At least they did not tell us about that.

Did you actually make a romantic request to your wife or did you say: "Honey, I think we should marry now!"

Elstner: Ha ha ... So we deliberately kept this wedding in the smallest circle. Only two witnesses, two daughters, my wife and me. And that's why I will not tell a bigger circle how I stopped for her hand, what I said, what I gave her. Otherwise we would have chosen a large circle.

Then let's just get to work. Your days at "Understand Fun" are numbered. Will you go with a laughing and a crying eye?

Elstner: If you like, you can always explain a crying and a laughing eye when you go somewhere. Laughing, because we had seven years of success with the program. Crying because it's a fantastic team that may miss me a little and that I miss too. Whereby my absence is limited, because I see the same team in my other programs. These are the same people with whom I make "People of the Week" every Saturday, for example. Then next year I will do "The Eerie Quiz of Animals" or "The Great Show of Natural Wonders" with Ranga Yogeshwar.

So you will not see less on TV?

Elstner: No. I'm going to have a little less to do with being a co-producer on Understanding Jokes. And I invest this freshly gained time in the family.

But they are also already tinkering with a new big entertainment format.

Elstner: I'm always working on new formats. But I have decided not to talk about new formats before March next year. But I can tell you so much: I will not moderate it myself.

Have you ever said: I'm 67 now, is it time to just put your feet up and leave the TV circus behind?

Elstner: Oh, I'll always say that by the hour. I have already done that with 50. But I have already divided my time so that I always had my free time. I'm very selfish.

At some point to settle down completely, but you do not think about that?

Elstner: No, that would be against my nature. I like to think, it's fun to ask questions. I'm curious. And as long as other people are still curious about what came to mind, I'll be there. Clearly. You know, I've given my big shipments all after six years. That was the case with the "Montagsmalern", with "Spiel ohne Grenzen" and also with "Wetten, dass ...?". And I think it's "Do you understand fun?" good that I get out in time. Because my successor Guido Cantz is a dynamic young guy who has a lot of humor and will definitely do a great job. That's good for the team as well. You know: new brooms are good!

Some people think there used to be much better entertainment shows on TV. Can you confirm that?

Elstner: I do not think so. Alone "The big show of natural wonders" I think is a fantastic show where you learn a lot and can laugh a lot. This is an ideal ARD format. We are very proud that we can work there. And I also believe that the Ranga and I are a wonderful mating. From me comes the entertainment experience and from him the scientific competence. The program also gets very good reviews. That's why I can not blow in this respect in her same horn ...

But one has the impression that there are too few good programs. The show you are addressing does not come that often either.

Elstner: Maybe she will come more often next year ...

So you're not one of the people who think everything was better in the old days?

Elstner: No, no way. There have never been so many programs as now. I grew up with three television programs. It certainly was not better in the past. But on the contrary. You have to deal with the remote a little better today.

But more quantity does not automatically mean more quality.

Elstner: That's right. But think of the many channels that have great programs. You can see everything you want to see today. Whether documentation or entertainment. I think we are just too critical in Germany.

What do you mean?

Elstner: We always see the bad and so seldom the good.

It is also said that the Germans are so jealous. Is that true from your point of view?

Elstner: I think so. At any rate, watching television or watching the theater is a mistake, and one often overlooks the positive.

You have already received many prizes and awards for your work. Where do you actually put them all down?

Elstner: If you have as many offices as me or so many places to stay, then it spreads.

From Monday to Friday you are in the office, on Saturday you host the talk show "People of the week". And besides, you also do regular sports. When do you actually care about your family?

Elstner: On Sunday. (Laughs)

That's not great.

Elstner: That's wrong. Well, first there's me in the morning and in the evening. I also go home well when I'm done in the office. I do not think I see my children less than any other man who has a decent job.

They have a very well working patchwork family with five children of four women. How did you get everyone to understand each other that well?

Elstner: There's only one recipe for success and that means I was just lucky. My merit is not.

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