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Make decisions - it's easier!

Not easy..? But! This makes decisions easier.
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  1. Just say yes!
  2. To count for and against
  3. Away with unimportant arguments
  4. Trust the instinct
  5. Face the fears
  6. Now just think about the positive
  7. And then: decide!

Just say yes!

Many have a hard time making decisions . But ultimately, every decision is better than no decision. That's how it's easier ...

Yes, no - or maybe? Leave the city to move to the countryside? Cancel the job and find another job? Constantly should make decisions that can change our lives. Sure, that's where you think. But it does not progress when thoughts begin to circle.

How to come to the right conclusion:

Count for pros and cons

The confusing thing about making decisions is more common, that there are so many arguments. Pros and cons can mix to the purest cloud of chaos. Therefore, it is good to create a list where you separate and arrange pros and cons. Number the arguments, then at the end you can see at a glance how much is in favor of one or the other decision - a first aid to say yes or no.

Away with unimportant arguments

If you look at your pros and cons list with a little bit of time, you may realize that many pros or cons that you actually considered important are basically insignificant. You can already delete them.

Trust the instinct

Often one has already at the first moment a gut feeling to a question. This intuition can be quite correct, many studies prove. So it pays to pause and ask yourself what your first sensation was when you were supposed to make decisions . Is it still true?

To face the fears

Now you can take a piece of paper again and write down what consequences a yes to a decision could have. What fears do you associate with it - and how could you handle them? Often it helps to admit a fear, so you manage to deal with it.

Now just think about the positive

The time has come to look at your paper and to make new strokes. Anything that speaks against a positive decision should leave this time - all fears, all concerns. Close your eyes, focus now only on the good consequences, which would bring a yes.

And then: decide!

Now the time has come. Sleep one more night or two. But then you can think of your intuition one last time. What does she tell you? Follow this - you will decide correctly.

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