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Emotional video: Chimpanzee lady thanks her rescuers

Photo: Screenshot YouTube / the Jane Goodall Institute

A thank you for Jane Goodall

What an incredibly touching scene! Chimpanzee Wounda thanks her rescuer with a very warm hug.

For years, the Jane Goodall Institute in Africa has been fighting for the conservation and protection of primates. In the Congo, among other things, a rehabilitation center is run to house young chimpanzees whose parents are killed by poachers. They fall victim to the so-called bushmeat trade, the trade in game meat. According to estimates by animal rights activists, this could lead to the complete extinction of the chimpanzees in the next ten years.

At the Tchimpounga Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Center, small, parentless chimpanzees are protected from the poachers who hunt them. Chimpanzee Wounda was one of them.

Over the years, however, the center has become less and less space available. Fortunately, it has recently been possible to buy some islands, where 160 of the adult chimpanzees can now be re-released. Wounda will live on the island of Tchinzoulou with a total of 60 other species.

Chimpanzee Wounda's journey to her new home was accompanied by a camera. With: Jane Goodall in person. The world-famous behavioral scientist and founder of the institute of the same name had not seen Wounda before. So far, the chimpanzee lady only heard the voice of Jane Goodall. One more reason why Wounda's reaction to her release is so amazingly surprising.

As the chimpanzee lady leaves her transport box after her long journey to her new home, she thanks Jane Goodall with a warm hug. Even without words, the thoughts that Wounda would like to express here are more than clear. This is shown in the video below.

Other animals are more than thankful to their rescuers. Like, for example, this little fawn.

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