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Elegant table decoration inspired by the movie Titanic

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A big movie theater

A glittering table in gold, dark blue and white in the style of a Captain's Dinner - a table decoration can not be made any more elegant.

gold shine

It is the culmination of the elegant place setting: the Titanic made of gold-colored cardboard. Draw out the outline of the ship, cut it out and label cardboard with the name of the guest. Apply gold leaf around the name with a brush and appropriate make-up milk. Fold a dark blue napkin to the strip and fold the bottom part to make a bag - where the ocean liner goes down.

Square plate, gold, approx. 7 €, cutlery, each from approx. 6 €, glasses, each from approx. 5 €, tray, approx. 46 €: Zara Home. Crockery "Sanssouci ivory gold", soup bowl with lid, approx. 206 €, dinner plate, approx. 38 €, breakfast plate, approx. 19 €: Rosenthal


Say it through the flower! And indeed about movie quotes in a bouquet of roses and wax flowers, befitting presented in a golden ball vase. Write the spells on construction paper, cut them out and cut the end of the strip in a jagged manner. Bend around a sturdy wire on one side and glue on. Roll the strip around a pen, remove the pen and bend the paper. Then off with the flags in the bouquet!

Vase, approx. 36 €, cut champagne glass, approx. 8 €: Zara Home. Compass in wooden box, about 20 €: Shop node on Ebay. Chair, about 229 €: Car


You know how everything ends. If at the end of the film still a few tears kullern, you can stylishly grab the handkerchief in velvet case. The drawstring with drawstring and the bow with deco brooch make the bag a practical as well as nice gift.

The detailed instructions can be found here.

Lampshade "Schöne Helene", paper, set of 3 approx. 12 €: Dekoop over