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Iron storage disease


Iron Trapping Disease: Definition, Causes and Symptoms

In the iron storage disease, the mineral iron is exaggerated. There are several forms of iron storage disease. The most common congenital iron storage disease is called "hemochromatosis". The so-called "primary siderosis" is also an innate iron-storage disease. It is in contrast to the iron storage disease called "Secondary Siderosis", which arises in the course of life.

Actually, the mineral - a trace element - keeps us healthy: iron is involved in many important processes in the organism and only with its help, the blood can transport oxygen to the organs. About the food should be supplied to the organism ten to 15 grams of iron. Of these he usually takes only a part. In contrast, patients with iron-storage disease suffer from an excess of up to ten times the amount.

The cause of the iron storage disease is a disorder in the control organ of the small intestine. He is responsible for the regulation of the iron balance by only allowing the amounts into the blood that are good for the organism. This process does not work properly for patients with the iron storage disease. The iron-storage disease causes an excess of iron in the body. The consequences of the iron-storage disease can therefore be: cancer, liver cirrhosis and diabetes . The most common is the congenital iron storage disease: then the patient was given a defective gene by both parents. Other forms are caused by alcohol abuse, exaggerated use of iron supplements, side effects of transfusion therapies or various underlying conditions. Patients with the iron storage disease often do not notice for a long time. The more excessive the amount of iron and the greater the iron-storage disease, the more likely to be physical weakness, frequent fatigue, listlessness, joint and breathing problems. Later you may experience disorders of the cardiovascular system and other serious organic diseases.

Iron storage disease: treatment

In an iron storage disease, the iron content is normalized by taking blood (bleeding). The therapy is first weekly, later up to four times a year necessary to cure the iron-storage disease. Even low-iron diets (no meat!) Or medications that promote the excretion of the mineral, help against the iron storage disease.

Iron storage disease: prevention and self-help

The primary siderosis (iron storage disease) is hereditary. That's why prevention is not possible here. Since secondary siderosis (iron-storage disease) can be triggered by alcohol, it can be prevented by avoiding alcohol.

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