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Furnishing ideas: Create a small hallway

Built-in wardrobe with sliding door fronts "S720", indoor system "Legno 25", price on request: Raumplus. Sauberlauf "Trebo", Kokos, approx. 53 € / sqm: Tretford. Ceiling sail "Veroca", 105 x 60 cm, from about 229 €: B. Lux. Coat stand "Bamboo", H 178 cm, Ø 33 cm, from
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  1. Mini corridor with great effect
  2. Design the corridor: BEFORE
  3. And now? To lean on
  4. Seating with storage space
  5. Tidy interior
  6. Furnishing ideas with hanging straps
  7. Where is the catch?
  8. dirt stopper
  9. 5 tips for the mini-corridor: This is how it works bigger

Mini corridor with great effect

The first impression counts: with clever fittings and bright colors, we transform the entrance into an elegant entree. Even a writing desk can be accommodated.

Image above >> Creating a small hallway with a grandiose result: After the refurbishment, the almost eight-square-meter- small corridor looks airy and light. The view falls on the bright built-in cupboard, behind whose sliding doors the wardrobe is stowed invisibly. The integrated niche loosens up the front, gives structure to the room and even provides space for comfortable seating. Lights covered with white fabric provide soft, indirect light. Lightweight furniture such as the writing desk and warm wood accents, but also the small carpet make the hall appear more spacious and very comfortable. Tip: The sliding doors run on rails that are flush with the floor.

Design the corridor: BEFORE

The hallway did not look nice and looked completely undisturbed. The decor seemed to be purely functional. Especially sad and messy: the clothes rail with the unfortunate placed storage boxes. In addition, an inappropriate gaudy chair and a plain mirror with shelf. Storage space was missing completely.

And now? To lean on

The high desk is ideal for fast phone calls - the notes are conveniently placed in front of you. Ideal for narrow spaces: the small furniture leans against the wall to save space.

Office table "Stork", 114 x 77 x 50 cm, approx. 515 €: Connox. Wall lamp "Cocoon", H 16 cm, Ø 76 cm, approx. 119 €: Eglo

Seating with storage space

Pleasure? On soft upholstery, it is even cozy between lockers. And the seating has even more to offer: its base is a drawer element, in which accessories can be stowed away clearly. For sunglasses there are flat storage compartments, for scarves and towels square divisions.

Built-in wardrobe, indoor system "Legno 25", price on request: Raumplus. Futon cushion, 7 x 55 x 45 cm, approx. 26 €: Car

Tidy interior

Under the hanging compartment for blazers, jackets and short coats ample space for shoes has been planned: on the metal pulls your favorite models in a confined space always kept clear, quickly removed and perfectly maintained: The lightweight mesh ensure that the shoes optimally ventilate and dry.

Built-in wardrobe, indoor system "Legno 25", platinum white with drawers, price on request: Raumplus

Furnishing ideas with hanging straps

Belts are ideal wall mounts for bags or magazines to make up the hallway . A beautiful old leather belt can be seen well on the wall. Cut to the desired length and fix it together with the buckle on the wall with a hook. If you only want to push magazines through the loop, close the belt with the buckle and hang it up. Tip: For heavy bags or jackets we recommend the use of dowels and screws.

Where is the catch?

These wall hooks look almost poetic: they are inspired by the movement of the leaves in the wind. So a piece of nature, which is useful and decorative at the same time, moves in. The dresser leaves room for small arrangements.

Wall hook "Leaf Hook", 9 x 5 cm and 11 x 8 cm, approx. 29 €, sideboard elements "Notch Cabinet", from 40 x 40 x 40 cm, approx. 277 €: Ex.t

dirt stopper

So that you do not have to take off your shoes every time and the light floor is still protected, a clean-up mat was laid in the door area. Its water-impermeable back protects against dirt and moisture. Einrichtungsideen -Tipp: When laying the floor again, let the mat in flush.

Sauberlauf "Trebo", Kokos, approx. 53 € / sqm: Tretford

5 tips for the mini-corridor: This is how it works bigger

Your hallway is too small? Its dimensions can not change, but the sense of space. Just stick to our tricks:

1. Walls >> A uniform coat of white, cream or pastel, with homogenous cabinet fronts, soothe the entire room and make jackets and coats elegantly disappear.

2nd Floor >> longitudinally laid planks or panels stretch the floor and cheat visually a few inches to. Also, put on light wood.

3. Added value >> Get the best out of it: use z. B. picture strips for decorative wall design, but also as a practical storage for keys.

4. Niches >> They are great for benches that make it easy to change your shoes. An umbrella stand may still have room here.

5. Light >> wall lights or ceiling spotlights also save space. If the rays cross each other, it also makes the space appear visually larger.

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