Recommended, 2022

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Invitation card for winter brunch

  • Fotokarton
  • white pencil
  • Felt (white)
  • scissors
  • Glue
  • Jumbo Punch
  • Transparent Paper
  • pinking shears

1. Knit a photo carton strip on the right and left to create a fold-out card.

2. Write on the right front "Invitation" with a white pencil.

3. Cut out a snowman made of felt and glue another from photo carton and these over each other. Stick the snowman on the right side of the card so that it is halfway over

4. Using a jumbo punch, punch out Christmas stars and glue them on the two insides of the card.

5. Cut a piece of translucent paper to fit inside the card. Using a pinking scissors, cut out a square and glue it to the card. Write any text in the square with a white pencil.

6. Using a punch, punch out small felting points and glue onto the tracing paper.

7. Finally, fold the card together and glue the remaining half of the snowman to the left side of the card.