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Just be happy: 35 tips from Anselm Grün

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35 lucky tips

Happiness does not come from somewhere. Often it comes from the inside. Father Anselm Green gives us 35 tips on how to be happy . Wisdom about happiness and how we find it in us.

We do not want much. We just want to be happy ! And that is quite possible, as the well-known Father Anselm Grün proves. He knows 35 tips that help you to be happy .

Father Anselm Green knows how we can be happy

Father Anselm Grün is probably the best-known German monk. Many people trust the clergyman, who is not only a theologian but also a true philosopher.

His consideration of things goes beyond the Christian faith. This is one of the reasons why the Church is not completely unbiased. Father Anselms is open to many spiritual ideas and religions, and also draws his spiritual wisdom from psychology.

So it happens that Father Anselm has many followers - not just the Christian faith.

Now, Father Anselm passes on his wisdom about happiness to us. We hope you enjoy reading - and that you can be happy soon.

The book by Father Anselm Green "Just luck" can be found here on Amazon.

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