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A son for Princess Haya

Princess Haya with her daughter Al-Jalil (4)
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The 21st child!

Other countries other manners. Anyone who has been animated in TV magazines to think about whether the 25-year-old society star Charlotte Casiraghi is a 15-year-old man good, should once turn their eyes to Dubai. There, Princess Haya of Jordan (37) lives up to us how to find married happiness in a completely different family environment. Princess Haya's husband is Sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid Al Maktum (62). He is not only 25 years older than her and millionaire, but also blessed with plenty of children. Princess Haya, who used to be considered one of the most fashionable princesses in Arabia and trained as a show jumper in Germany for a long time, has just become a mother for the second time. She gave her husband after daughter Al-Jalil (4), now a son . His name is Zayed, as the father happily communicated to all the world. But for Sheikh Muhammad such gratifying news is almost routine. Zayed is his 21st (!) Child. He already had seven sons, 12 daughters and a wife when Princess Haya married him in 2004. She has not bothered and regretted the step in the marriage so far, apparently. Why? She still rides on an international level, is a sports official and moves in the highest circles. After all, her husband is the prime minister and defense minister of Dubai.