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"A sound massage healed my back"

With a sound massage, pain can simply "swing away".
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Pain free due to vibrations

For years, the nurse Martha Frerichs suffered from severe pain. Only an alternative therapy could help.

Martha Frerichs (48) had been struggling with back pain since she was young. One year ago she suffered a herniated disc. "Months later, I had severe complaints again and again. I could hardly keep up with my work in the hospital, "she says.

She visited various orthopedists - in vain. Neither injection nor physiotherapy could free her from the problems. Then a friend told her about a sound massage . "In this therapy, singing bowls are placed on the patient's body and gently struck with a mallet or the fingertips, " explains Heidemarie Sewe (61), alternative practitioner from Hamburg.

The vibrations are transmitted and spread over the whole body. Each individual cell is addressed. "It comes to a new order. The cells vibrate again in their natural pattern. This stimulates our self-healing, "explains the expert. This way even tough tensions can be solved.

Martha Frerichs was still a bit skeptical before the first treatment with the sound massage : "The fact that a few oscillations should actually free me from my pain, I could not imagine at first, " admits the 48-year-old. Despite the doubts, she got an appointment with a naturopath.

"It was very different than I had imagined. The atmosphere during the treatment was very pleasant. I was able to let myself down. The bowls on my back were pleasant, "she says. After the second session, the patient was almost painless: "I could almost feel my muscles relax. Overall, I felt relieved. At night I could sleep through what was impossible before. "

"As the soul often plays a role in back problems, it should be addressed in the treatment. The goal is to make you aware in which area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife you should strengthen your back. This knowledge accelerates healing many times over, "says Heidemarie Sewe.

After four treatments, one week apart, improvements are made in those affected. Then the intervals are increased or the therapy with the sound massage ends with no complaints. A meeting costs 50-70 euros (so far no cash balance).