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A dynamic summer apartment in three styles

Photo: Wohnidee ber deco & style, Photo: Helmut Hassenr ck

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A summer dream comes true. In keeping with the warm season, we would like to present you a few living ideas that bring you fresh lightness home.

Three different, summery styles tell you how to make a summer apartment out of your home.

Style 1: flower colors

Style number 1 is inspired by flower colors in rosé and different floral patterns. These include gorgeous accessories for the garden party in Rosa, a simple white bench in country style or a parasol with exotic flower prints.

Style 2: wood tones

Style 2 promises pure nature ! Here real nature boys move into their own four walls.

Beautiful wood tones exude a natural charm.

Outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy earthy tones, a touch of marine life or woody furnishings.

A fresh breeze is best obtained by mixing white and delicate blue tones with wooden furniture. Even from self-collected natural materials such as driftwood can be wonderfully tinker a chic decoration.

Style 3: leaf green

Oh, you beautiful leafy green! Style 3 shows us the trend color green in combination with white accessories.

Here you seduce an ambience in green and white, cushions with lucky clover print, a couch that spreads like a lawn in your room, or a wallpaper in the forest look.

More summer feeling is hardly, if you implement one of our three styles in your own home . Of course, individual elements can be individually combined according to taste, such as a green home accessory with a floral print wallpaper. Even natural materials such as wood & Co. are great for pink or green nuances.

Make the most of the summer ...