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A video full of life wisdom: seniors share their knowledge

Photo: YouTube / Freddy Fairhair

Older people pass on their wisdom to young people

For this video, seniors from all over the world were asked to give advice to the younger generation. The result inspires and encourages.

The creator of 24-year-old Fred Ligaard aka FreddyFairHair is generally known for his funny prank videos. He is more than happy with his more than 181, 000 YouTube fans.

But for his current project Ligaard put for a change once a very different idea into action. With the help of many other interviewers, he was able to ask several seniors from a wide variety of countries around the world, with a total age of 3, 500 years, an important question: "If you could tell a young person, what would that be?"

As different as the people who share their knowledge of life with us, so similar are the advice they give. Their key message: We should all be just ourselves and do what we love. If we pursue our dreams, we have a really good chance to make them happen. It should never be forgotten that life is too short to take it too seriously. All individual statements of the wise seniors and their different ways of life can be found below in the video .

We are excited about this great idea. After all, who should be able to give better advice and wisdom than those who have really lived for a few decades and gained real life experience? Besides, this video just makes you want to experience life itself and teaches us again: Nothing is better than staying true to yourself.