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A love letter to the women of this world

This picture of his wife and daughter inspired him to the love letter.
Photo: Justin Baldoni / Facebook

'A love letter to my wife, to my newborn daughter ... and to you'

This man writes his public love letter not only to his wife and newborn daughter, but to all women.

When Justin Baldoni sees his wife with her baby in his arms, he feels warm. He loves these two women above all else. To capture the moment, he takes a picture of them. Later, he posts it on Facebook and attaches a declaration of love, which he addresses not only to his wife and newborn daughter, but to all women in the world.

"Dear women (and all men who want to read this),

Please forgive me for revealing my devout thoughts about the experience of being a man during pregnancy and the birth of my daughter.

This is a love letter ... A love letter to my wife, to my newborn daughter ... and to you.

I have never before experienced in my life such grace, beauty, intuition and instinct, such heroism and power, such reverence and steadfastness, and such joy and happiness as in the last nine months. I may have thought before that I love my wife ... but I'm not exaggerating when I say I absolutely adore her now.

Emily decided to make the birth of our little Maiya a ceremony of love, and all I could do was thank you, thank you, thank you ... through tears and tears of gratitude.

If you're a man who reads this and you have a wife ... take a second, stop and just hug her, tell her how thankful you are, that she exists, and let her know how honored you are, to share life with her. Let her know that you trust her intuition and that she is perfect.

If you're a woman reading this ... Look in the mirror, look into your own eyes and realize that EVERYTHING you'll ever need is right in front of you ... It's already in you, and you are fantastic and literally capable of anything. Understand that anything a man can do, you can do (and probably even better). And there are things that you can accomplish in this life that a man can not even dream of ... because they are meant to be completed by you.

So if you see a glass roof, then be aware that it is only there to be smashed. Be aware that you're just the way you are ... and you, my darling, are more than enough. You're perfect.

These are the words I pray for, that my little Maiya will not only hear her from me all her life, but also from all the men in her world. This is my prayer of gratitude and hope for all women. This is the reflection of a modest and reverent man who was able to experience the strength, the superiority and the radiance of femininity.

This is simply a love letter, a letter of love, and a letter full of love from a new father to anyone who wants to hear or read. If you are, be sure ...

I love you. Justin. "

Dear Women, Please forgive me as I gently offer this prayerful reflection about ...

Posted by Justin Baldoni on Wednesday, July 1, 2015