Recommended, 2022

Editor'S Choice

A suitcase full of money

  • colorful patterned fabric and band remnants
  • Sewing machine with matching yarn
  • 1 sheet of paper in DIN A 4 of your choice
  • bills
  • checkered gift ribbon (craft shop)
  • Fixogum adhesive (removable again)
  • Small suitcase (craft shop)
  • elastic ruffle band
  • double-sided adhesive tape (eg

      from Tesa)
    • pencil
    • scissors

    1. Draw and cut out the letters B, R, T, H, D, Y on the fabric scraps.

    2. Assemble the letters and stitch them on the paper sheet with the sewing machine. Do not forget to leave room for the "I" and the "A".

    3. Roll a bill to the "I" and tie it together with the narrow ribbon. Fix with Fixogum glue.

    4. For the "A", fold the bill in the accordion effect, bend it in the middle and fix it with Fixogum.

    5. Glue the paper sheet with Fixogum into the lid of the suitcase, round off the corners.

    6. Lay the elastic band around the paper sheet and fasten it with the aid of the double-sided adhesive tape.