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A dress for all occasions - 3 styling variants with 1 part

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  1. So versatile can this dress be styled
  2. Styling Idea 1: The Festival Look
  3. Styling idea 2: The wedding guest look
  4. Styling Idea 3: The Office Look

So versatile can this dress be styled

A Pünktchenkleid is not for everyone? This will change from now on, because in fact the dress is a real styling all-rounder.

No polka dot dress in the closet yet? But then go, because such a piece can really do much more than you would initially suspect. We choose a dark base color. Whether dark blue or black is in principle matter, where blue is still the most grateful color for different color types. Lightweight chiffon fabrics are always nice for dresses in summer because they look airy and lightweight. But you can also choose a jeans version - even that is up to the individual taste. With this styling anyway the drumrum makes the music.

Styling Idea 1: The Festival Look

The open-air party season has already begun and our Pünktchenkleid may not be missing here. Too overdressed? No, there, our new favorite part makes this splits - thanks to well-combined accessories - easily with. Because this is the motto: sometimes dare a break in style. And where does that work better than at a festival ?! Especially important: fringes, fringes, fringes! And also headdress or a cloth as a headgear are mandatory.

Styling idea 2: The wedding guest look

The wedding may be a bit finer. But our Pünktchenkleid mastered this challenge with flying colors. We combine accessories and clothing in light tones, such as nude, beige but also gold and a touch of brown, we can carry well together. Tone in tone - with different nuances - the look looks noble and high quality. A bolero jacket protects against nocturnal coldness, hats or glasses protect against too many rays of sunshine.

Styling Idea 3: The Office Look

Phew, great weather outside, but you have to work in the office ?! With this airy office version in the style of the 50s, working is really fun again. We combine red and white accessories with our polka dot dress. Typical for the style look: white gloves, red pumps and same-colored sunglasses and belts. Wonderfully nostalgic and wonderfully styled.

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