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An ice as reason for termination

Such a banana split would lead to termination.
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The ice of offense: Termination for sexual harassment

It should be a fun evening among colleagues. After that, four of them are dismissed without notice. The reason for the termination: a sundae.

People lose their jobs every now and then because of trifles. But this termination is so absurd that it now attracts the attention of the public. The official reason for termination: sexual harassment.

But in truth the harassment is not an unwanted physical approach or suggestive remarks. Rather, it was a joke among friends who went apart as enemies after this incident. The sexual harassment occurred on a fun evening, celebrated at the four nurses of the nursing home and Schlossacker Binningen together with her boss in an American diner.

The colleagues have obviously fun. At late hours, the waiter decides to make for even more amusement. He surprises the ladies with the in-house banana split. A large banana is garnished with two ice-balls, the top is adorned with a dollop of fresh cream. The original sundae serves its purpose: the mood is at its peak when the banana split is served.

The girls make fun of the clear sundae: They pose alternately with the banana at the mouth in front of the camera, and her boss agrees to take a few photos. This decision should later be regretted not only by them but also by their employees.

Because at the end of the evening the boss is ashamed for the photos. She asks her staff to delete the recordings that follow her request and show her the affirmation. But that was not enough.

The boss regrets her behavior. But their carers have to pay. She reports the incident to the home management, which acts immediately: The four employees are all terminated for sexual harassment. The Basler Zeitung told the boss that she was ashamed: "It only became clear to me in retrospect that I was not just bitten into a banana. But when I noticed how I was presented there, everything came up to me. I could not join anymore. "

A banana split as reason for termination, can that really be? In fact, it remained the case: The employees were dismissed, as compensation they received in retrospect good employment certificates. A small consolation.

What you can do yourself when you actually suffer from sexual harassment is available here.

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- Quincy and Sunny (@ sunny3906) June 21, 2015