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Eat, pray, surf in Bali!

Bali: the island of the gods

Eat, pray, surf : You can find that on the Indonesian island of Bali ! The Balinese call their home Pulau Dewata (island of the gods). And they are right with that. Bali is so paradisiacal that one might think that higher powers have created the island. Every year, people flock to Bali for a magical mix of modern lifestyle and traditional beliefs. Bali also enchants with a tropical landscape that alternates high volcanoes with dense rainforest, green rice fields, grand temple buildings and white beaches.

Eat: The Balinese cuisine will inspire you! It is a true culinary delight thanks to its exotic spices - and at the same time healthy and easy to digest. The basis of all dishes is rice . This comes on Bali for breakfast on the table. Our tip: On the streets of Bali you will find so-called "Warungs", small street snacks that are very popular with both Balinese and tourists. Here you get dishes that are fresh and cheap. You can get three euros a day for food. On the markets you can also find exotic fruits such as the stink fruit, which you should not try. Their smell is reminiscent of rotten eggs. Pray: It is not least the Balinese faith that makes Bali such a magical place. 95 percent of Balinese are Hinduists. In Bali, therefore, you will find small offerings for the gods everywhere - small bowls filled with fruit, which are deposited in front of the houses and in the temples. With a bit of luck, you may even witness a sacred ceremony at one of Bali's many temples.

Surf: Bali is perfect for a spa vacation . On the island you will find peace and relaxation - and best of all: The massages are very cheap here. But also active people find their luck in Bali: diving, snorkeling, hiking, surfing - here sports enthusiasts get their money's worth. World-famous surfers head for the island every day. Because there are wonderful, meter high waves all year round - and the temperatures are consistently warm (22 to 32 degrees Celsius). Bali is especially worth a visit from April to September, because there is no rainy season during this time. For surf beginners the Canggu beach is very popular. It is located about 10 kilometers north of Kuta. For professionals, the beaches in Uluwatu and Suluban, where they can romp in 8-meter-high waves. The surf equipment can be borrowed easily anywhere. Bali has fantastic accommodations. For surfers, these are recommended: The Stormrider Surf Camp is located on the south-west coast of the island at Canggu / Pererenan. It is surrounded by a tropical forest and Balinese rice fields. With the moped it is only a few minutes from the beach. It has 8 surf spots in direct Nähe.Die rooms cost from about 287 Euro / week (opening offer). Information under stormrider-surfcamp.comThere are several KIMA surf camps, which also offer boat trips. Suitable for all surf levels. The rooms cost from about 249 Euro / Woche.Infos under Flight: Before you succumb to the spell Bali, you have to set up a flight duration of about 18 hours duration. But it's worth it! Experience shows that the flights cost between 800-1400 euros, depending on the season. Eat, pray, surf in Bali !

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