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Ear Jackets: The new generation earring

Super blogger Chiara Ferragni wears her ear jackets at the haute couture shows in Paris with XL beads and gemstone.
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Styled to the earlobes: Tribal earrings are hip

Pendulum earrings, double plugs, ear jackets: they all describe the most extraordinary jewelry trend of the season. In short: an earring that nestles splendidly around the earlobe and thus provides a completely new eye-catcher.

Our newest object of desire? The lobe earring - also called Ear Jacket in fashion circles. What should that be? We explain it briefly: The Ear Jacket is an earring with extra, because the decorated plug adorns the ear from behind and surrounds the earlobe with a plus of glitter and shine.

As fans of the icing on the cake, we've long since fallen for the ear jewelery - thanks to its discreetly playful details, it directs one's gaze to a thoroughly underestimated body part. Welcome to the spotlight, dear earlobe ...

The principle of an ear jacket? Exactly that, a normal earring. But instead of the plug disappearing behind the ear lobe, this is also richly decorated and is itself an eye-catcher. The lower and upper parts encase the ear like a wreath. Hence the name: Ear Jacket, ie "ear coat". How pretty that can look, these photos show ...

Above: Silver plated Ear Jackets with Swarovski crystals. From Dannijo, about 90 euros. Bottom: hanging earrings with rainbow design. From Asos, about 9 euros

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