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E-Cigarette: Healthy Replacement or Costly Waste of Money?

Meanwhile, about two million Germans access to the alternative cigarette, the e-cigarette . Despite this considerable number of users, there are still many questions that this avoidably healthy alternative raises.

The e-cigarette is experiencing a true hype, but does this nicotine replacement also live up to its promises?
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  1. What are e-cigarettes and how do they work?
  2. Cash?
  3. Can I smoke e-cigarette in pubs and transport?
  4. Health risks
  5. Is the consumption of e-cigarettes absolutely legal?
  6. How helpful is this alternative if I want to quit smoking?
  7. Is the e-cigarette a starter drug for minors?
  8. Cost and scope of delivery of the e-cigarette
  9. Where can I buy this cigarette?

We answer some of the most common questions about healthy glow levels here.

What are e-cigarettes and how do they work?

Electronic cigarettes have been launched as a healthy alternative to traditional cigarettes. This device brings through a filament, a so-called liquid for evaporation. This process produces steam similar to the one you know from smoke machines the consumer inhales and smokes.


Liquids are bought for the cigarette and put into the device. These usually contain nicotine and you can buy them in several flavors .

Can I smoke e-cigarette in pubs and transport?

Currently, the consumption of e-cigarettes in public transport is regulated so that it is not allowed to smoke in the trains, but the cigarettes can be consumed on the platforms . In restaurants the smoking of electronic incense is prohibited.

Health risks

It is not clear how many harmful substances of the e-cigarette are absorbed by the body. Nevertheless, researchers assume that the consumption of the electrical variant is up to ten times healthier than smoking a real cigarette. Nevertheless, substances such as formaldehyde, nitrosamines and diethylene glycol have been detected in some e-cigarettes. In addition, it is not clear how many toxic substances are produced when the liquids evaporate . All in all, the alternative still seems to be the least evil.

Is the consumption of e-cigarettes even legal?

In Germany, the consumption of the electric cigarette is legal . At least until 2016, the e-cigarette remains freely available. After that, maybe it could fall under the Medicines Act.

How helpful is this alternative if I want to quit smoking?

Various studies show that the e-cigarette is just as effective as a nicotine patch in smoking cessation . So it's reasonably likely that this remedy may be helpful if, above all, smoking is only going to be restricted.

Is the e-cigarette a starter drug for minors?

The discussions about whether the e-cigarette is suitable for minors or not are great. At the moment, it looks like the German government will ban a sale to young people under the age of 18, as scientists are worried about the trend of the cigarette and demonizing it as an entry-level drug. However, meaningful studies supporting these fears are not yet available.

Cost and scope of delivery of the e-cigarette

Depending on the model you can expect a price range of 30-70 € . Of course there are also models around the 120 € . How much you want to invest is up to you. In a set are usually:

1 battery: The battery, the e-cigarette operates the so-called evaporator. Often the strength of the battery decreases after some time and must then be replaced.

1 USB power plug and charging cable: The power plug wears off a bit faster, as does the battery. The charging cables may experience a loose connection depending on their quality.

1 E-cigarette: The actual device, so the cigarette has an extremely long life and must not be renewed.

1 evaporator: The evaporator, also called atomizer or atomizer. In this part of the cigarette, the liquid is heated, evaporated and atomized. Due to the constant pulling this part is at some point tight and must be exchanged.

Depots: The depots or liquids must be purchased separately. How long they last, of course, depends on your smoking behavior. The vials cost about 10 € and can be stored for two years.

Despite these little quirks, smoking an e-cigarette is many times cheaper than a real cigarette. After a short time, the relatively expensive purchase will definitely make itself felt in your wallet and the invested costs of the e-cigarette will pay off.

A little tip: Just throw the money saved in a small piggy bank and treat yourself to something beautiful at the end of the year.

Where can I buy this cigarette?

In principle, you can buy the e-cigarette wherever you like it. Since this is still freely available in Germany, you can search on the Internet, at various online retailers, for a suitable model, visit a pharmacy with personal advice or buy a device in Internet shops that are geared specifically to the sale of electronic cigarettes,