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Fragrant refresh with Body Mist

Photo: Body Shop

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On package descriptions will be printed Body Mist instead of "body spray". "Crap" is not meant to be judgmental, but simply English for "fog".

Body Mist is a slightly perfumed body spray, with which we pamper ourselves after a shower or we can simply spray in between.

We just love to wrap ourselves in this refreshing scent mist.

Because Body Mist is a treat for all the senses. With a body mist spray, we feel as if we had kissed a fresh summer wind.

The special feature of Body Mist: The scent is not as heavy as a perfume. Especially at warm temperatures so perfect.

Ideal Body Mist is also suitable for traveling.

We all know the hot days in the office or in unclimatized buildings. So it is advisable to have Body Mist in the drawer or in your handbag, to treat yourself in between times with a small fresh shower.

So we can easily get a beautiful summer-sun feeling at short notice.

And then relaxation is announced!

When we close our eyes for a moment, sit back and inhale the scent of our body mist spray, we remember the last summer vacation.

So we fill up with a little daydream and our fruity-fresh Body Mist scent new energy and feel like the young morning.