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DSD: Menowin gives ex-girlfriend no second chance

Sabrina wants to fight for Menowin


Menowin Cheerful / ©

Menowin Fröhlich has all hopes for a love comeback his ex-girlfriend Sabrina, who is also the mother of his three children. The whole thing was for him "no topic" more, the 22-year-old in the RTL video chat with DSDS fans once again clearly stated. There is no second chance. Sabrina, however, is still feverish with "Meno" every week and hopes that he will return to her and the children. "I love Menowin above all else, " she confessed. Understandable, because the two have done a lot together. While Menowin hid from the police for two years because he had fled while on leave with Sabrina, the three children Joel, Jiepen and Geneve were born. Then Menowin realized, however, that he must stand by his mistakes. He faced the police and sat down the rest of his sentence. When he was released in 2009, his first thought was not Sabrina, the love for her is now extinct. From prison it went directly to DSDS casting. That has paid off, because Menowin has so far proven strong nerves and convinced even Dieter Bohlen of his talent.

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