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DSDS: The "Checker" likes slim women

That's what Thomas Karaoglan's dream woman should look like

Steffi Landerer, Ines Redjeb, Kim Debkowski

Who is his dream wife - Steffi, Ines, or Kim? / ©

As a housekeeper, who likes to clean and iron, Thomas Karaoglan, the little "Checker", now in the first motto show of DSDS. These are qualities that perhaps suggest a soft core behind the cool macho posturing of the 16-year-old. The only question is, which woman at his side may be happy about so much eagerness to exorcise. "My dream girl does not have to be that fat, definitely she has to be slim, " revealed the "Checker" in a video chat on the DSDS homepage. "The right woman would be Nina Moghaddam or Ines (Ines Redjeb from DSDS) would not be bad, but too old for me unfortunately - but so stature ..." Well, so slim should be the adored of the DSDS Checkers That's clear. But whether he could win the good then with his favorite slogan "Hey, you horny sow" actually for themselves remains questionable. In any case, he does not lack confidence in flirting: "I'm not shy and I go straight to the women and talk to them, that's how it has to be.", Thomas said in the chat. Well, we would have been surprised if the checker had problems in this area!